Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Flight and Arrival

Holy lord was this trip crazy.  It started with a horrible teeny tiny plane ride from Flint.  The plane was packed and so tiny you could barely squeeze into your seat.  It didn't help that I am big and an even bigger gal was squeezed in beside me.  I got so sick on that flight I almost threw up and we just went to Detroit Metro!  I thought for sure I was doomed.  I was panicked, alone, sick and desperately dialing everyone in my phone book because I needed a friend so badly. 

I have to confess, I called Rich crying and told him to pick me up!  I was paralyzed with fear and the sick thing was scary.  He actually calmed me down (which we often don't do very well for each other) and told me he was NOT picking me up as this was my dream and to get on that plane and go!  I knew once I flew to JFK it was all over, no turning back.  So...I texted a good friend, and got to laughing.  I bought some Dramamine took 2 and waited for my flight to JFK.  I was so afraid of that airport but it was a cakewalk.  I got in and out of there in no time.  It was 200 degrees in that blasted terminal but I found the Dublin flight and OMG it was PACKED! We flew a 757 and it there wasn't even one empty seat.  I thought a window seat was a good idea but it wasn't because you end up crawling over two people to go to the bathroom.  The flight was smooth as silk and the landing was a tiny bit scary, one second all you see is OCEAN and the next you're touching down.  Then I get off the plane, breeze through customs and now what?  I wasn't sure how to get to the hotel and where exactly I went to get a bus.  I asked a gal at the information desk and bought a ticket on the bus that also includes a ride back to the airport and it's really close to my hotel so that's good.  I just need to see how early they arrive so that I can make sure I get to the airport in time to leave on Friday as the traffic here is HELL!  The streets are packed and there are so many places I don't know where to eat.  I found I was thirsty and wasn't even sure where to go for a pop!  I was starting to freak out when I told myself, "This is all new, just give it time!" 

The hotel room is tiny but neat, clean, and quiet.  Ironicially the bathroom is bigger than the bedroom!  LOL  And get this, you have to put your room key in this slot on the wall for the electricity in the room to work!  I think that's a neat way to save energy.  I like it.  My room is non-smoking since I quit and sadly has a bad view but I'm not here to hang out in my hotel room.  I just need some orienting so I can pick up a few snacks to have in the hotel room in case I get the munchies at night and I need a Guinness soon!  This internet cafe is right up the street and I just wanted to let everyone know that this is the scariest and coolest thing I have ever done.  I think it might take a full day before I get my nerve up and venture off the main street.  All that map practice didn't do diddly, I'm very confused and people are bustling by and I don't want to look like a tourist.

I'll write more tomorrow after I do this bus tour.  I'm going to head back to the tourist office now and get tickets for the Hop On Hop Off bus tour.  That will at least give me a good sight seeing trip that takes about an hour or so and then I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that.  I'm not tired at all, even though I did not sleep a wink on the plane.  I'm geeked and hoping I can find things so that I can have a good time and enjoy my stay fully with the few days I have here.   See you soon all!